References: Broadcasters

    • Studio LED Lighting (Turnkey)
      Major XDCAM EX, HDV and DV Equipment

    • Graphics System (Turnkey)
      VideoWall System (Turnkey)

    • XDCAM EX ENG equipment

    • News Room Computer and News Production System (Turnkey)
      News Studio and Control Room (Turnkey)
      Production Studio and Control Room (Turnkey)
      VIZRT Graphics System for News and Playout (Turnkey)
      VIZRT Viz Reporter System (Turnkey)
      Automation, Playout Video Server and Media Asset Management (Turnkey)
      Major XDCAM EX, Digital Betacam, HDV, and DVCAM Equipment

    • Graphics System (Turnkey)
      VideoWall System (Turnkey)

    • Master Control Room (Turnkey)
      Supply and installation of 2 studios and control rooms (Turnkey)
      Supply of XDCAM and HDV equipment for the news team

    • Mobile Studio (Turnkey)
      Major DVCAM & Digital Betacam Equipment
      Broadcast Video Server and Playout Automation (Turnkey)

    • Training and Consultancy

    • DVCAM Infrastructure
      Broadcast Video Server

    • Specialized TV (Turnkey)

    • 10 Cameras OB Van with Sony (Turnkey)
      Major Digital Betacam Camcorders and VTRs
      High-End Broadcast Studio and Control Room
      Major DVCAM Equipment
      Playout System (Turnkey)
      Miss Liban Project
      Star Academy Project (Turnkey)
      XDCAM HD422 Camcorders and Decks

    • Web TV

    • DVCAM and Video Monitors Equipment
      Major HDCAM Investment

    • Major HDV ENG Equipment
      News and Production Vision Mixers
      VIZRT News and Playout Graphics Systems (Turnkey)
      10 Cameras OB Van Equipment

    • DVCAM and Betacam SX Equipment
      VIZRT/Sony Virtual Studio System (Turnkey)

      Digital Betacam VTRs
      Broadcast Video Server and Automation System
      Production Vision Mixer
      20x XDCAM HD Camcorders
      12x HD System Cameras

    • ENG Camcorders

    • Major System Business with Sony to Cover: (Turnkey)
      * Playout System
      * Archive System
      * Traffic System

    • Broadcast Video Lenses

    • NewTek TalkShow Unit
      HD/SD Multiformat Switcher
      XDCAM EX Camcorders and accessories
      System Cameras
      DVCAM Equipment

    • Creative Department (Turnkey)
      LED Screens (Turnkey)

    • News & Production Studios with Sony (Turnkey)

    • 4 Cameras Studio
      Major Betacam SP Infrastructure
      Major HDV/Digital Betacam Infrastructure

    • DVCAM equipment
      Archive equipment

    • Web TV